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This web-site is a collaborative effort of Photographers who love horses.  We are very proud to pursue our passion while preserving the spirit of the horse and the loving bond you share.

Our head photographer KJ Anthony, has over twenty years with horses.  Her experience includes riding, training, and caring for these beautiful creatures.

KJ was raised on a working cattle ranch in southern Alberta, Canada. Horses have always been with her from an early age, and working with horses was a part of daily ranch life.  She says horses have been great teachers, and the horses are intelligent, graceful, majestic, and always speak to the heart.

KJ went to college to learn more about these noble creatures, which allowed her to travel to Germany to work with American Quarter Horses who were trained cutting horse stallions. While there she also spent time working with Hanoverians and Andalusians. When she returned KJ spent time working in an Arabian Show Horse Barn, then she managed a Polo Pony Stable, following that KJ managed a Rope Horse Barn.

These opportunities allowed her to feel and understand the spirit, pride, and freedom that was unique to each horse. Each horse had a personality that was unique, and by watching and working with the horses she began to understand a language that was unique to the horse.

As an Equestrian Photographer KJ wants to share the heart and spirit of the horse with those who may not have the same opportunities she has had. It is her desire when she captures a moment with a horse that it evokes a memory, or curiosity, about these beautiful creatures.

KJ’s photography of the horse includes Portraits, Show Jumping, Horse Shows, Mounted Shooting, Wild Horses, and western lifestyle events including the National Finals Rodeo. Breeds she has have photographed include the American Quarter Horse, Pure Spanish Horse, Arabians, Lusitano, Andalusians, and Hanoverians.  

KJ’s photographs have been published in the American Quarter Horse Journal, the Equestrian Vaulting Magazine, and The P.R.E. Horse Magazine.  In 2011 KJ was invited by the Foundation for the Pure Spanish, to be the Head Photographer for the P.R.E. National Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse Championship Horse Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

KJ believes her passion for horses, allows her to capture the equestrian moments that stir the human imagination, recall a memory, and remind us that freedom, beauty, and grace are reflected in the horse.

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