8 Seconds with Ty Pozzobon ~ Kristian Limas

8 Seconds with Ty Pozzobon ~ Kristian Limas

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2016 PBR Canada champion Ty Pozzobon made the most of his fourth appearance at the Built Ford Tough World Finals by going 4-for-4 in the opening four rounds.

Pozzobon’s four rides had him in the lead for most of the event. He finished the week 4-for-6 and finished a career-best fourth overall.

The Merritt, British Columbia, cowboy is poised to take the momentum from his World Finals performance and attempt to make 2017 his best season yet.

PBR.com caught up with Pozzobon and asked him about his season, his future and what makes Canadian cowboys standout.

PBR.com: What were your goals at the beginning of the year?

TP: Honestly, just get healthy and just walk at that point. I hadn’t even bought my PBR card. Then I bought it in May. I thought it was late and the world title was out of reach, but I wanted to win in Canada. That’s a big thing for us up there, and I wanted to get that under my belt and just focus totally on the world title and, of course, make the World Finals because they go hand in hand.

PBR.com: As Canadian cowboys, who were your idols growing up?

TP: Glen Keeley is our guy, not only his riding style, but the kind of person that he was. I never met Glen, but I watched a lot of videos and knew he was an all-around good guy. A lot of guys down here like Justin McBride and J.B. Mauney, who I looked up to. Now he’s one of my buddies.

PBR.com: Talk about being with your idols now?

TP: It’s pretty cool. (Winning Round 2 with Guilherme Marchi) was crazy. I had watched Guilherme when I was young and now I’m winning rounds with him at the World Finals.

PBR.com: How did you get into bull riding in Canada? Did you switch from hockey?

TP: Well, I grew up on a ranch and bull riding was always my first thing. I was a goalie! I was a goalie and a bull rider, I’m weird, I’m crazy! When I was in high school, I even got called up to play backup in Junior-A hockey.

PBR.com: So how did you decide between the two?

TP: I was young and I was small so I kind of knew I was built for bull riding and I knew all along what I was going to do.

PBR.com: Do you have a favorite event in Canada?

TP: I like Ponoka (Alberta). It’s a huge rodeo and there’s a PBR event and it’s pretty badass. It is north of Calgary, maybe like an hour and a half

PBR.com: What do you think makes Canadian cowboys unique?

TP: I don’t really know. I think we’re all kind of, all the guys in this room, we’re just cowboys. No matter where we’re from, there’s not a lot that makes us different other than I like to have a lot of fun.

PBR.com: What do you think is the future of Canadian bull riding?

TP: Oh, it’s good. All of us down here (in the U.S.) and all the younger guys coming up. I kind of put it on a pedestal when I was a little kid because there weren’t many Canadians there, but now we get (to the BFTS).

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