Last Cowboy Standing 2013

Last Cowboy Standing 2013

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The Professional Bull Riders first introduced us to a new format of determining who the best of the best was in April 2011.  Not only did they make history that year with the Last Cowboy Standing being the first of its kind; they also made history by offering it live on pay-per-view.

That format was very simple… ‘Ride 8 seconds, Move on. Come up short. GO HOME.’   Luke Snyder was crowned the Last Cowboy Standing in 2011 in Las Vegas and Silvano Alves was crowned the Last Cowboy Standing in 2012 in Detroit.The PBR is making history at the Last Cowboy Standing this year with CBS airing on back-to-back days. 

For one event only this season fans will see the top fifty bull riders in the world focus on riding their bull one second at a time for eight seconds. Fans will see these Cowboys doing what they do for the love of the game and riding for the chance to prove they are the Last Cowboy Standing.  Fans will see the not only the best bull riders in the world but the best bucking bulls in the sport today.

On Saturday night the Last Cowboy Standing will be the bull rider who rides either Bushwacker or Asteroid.  Both of these bulls have been earned the title of World Champion Bulls; Bushwacker in 2011, and Asteroid in 2012.   For the bull rider who rides either of these Monster Energy Money bulls there is as an additional $80,000 bonus.

Who will be crowned the Last Cowboy Standing in 2013 and walk away with nearly $ 200,000?  We can’t tell you that until the dust settles at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on Saturday May 11.  We can tell you that Luke Snyder will be riding to reclaim his title… he said “Only one man can be the last cowboy standing and I intend to be in the running.”

We would like to thank the fans, the bull riders, the stock contractors, and the PBR for the privilege of bringing this unique event to you.  And remember two things ‘Ride 8 seconds, Move on. Come up short. GO HOME,’ and ‘PBR The Toughest Sport on Dirt.’ When the gate cracks, hang onto your hat for an eight second ride you won't soon forget...

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