Arabian Breeders World Cup – April 15 to 18, 2010

Arabian Breeders World Cup – April 15 to 18, 2010

This twelve year old mare is special, not only was The Arabian Breeders World Cup her first show, but, even more amazing she was rescued from a home of neglect. Eight months ago she was only skin and bones, to see her before and after photos and to see her transformation is amazing.

I had a chance to visit with her Owner and listen as he explained how far she had come, in those eight months.  From being haltered to having her feet picked up, this mare had to learn to trust humans all over again.  As a statement to the Arabian Focus Princess showed what love, kindness, and a good home can achieve.

For one mare and one Owner, miracles do happen.  Focus Princess I look forward to seeing you again next year.  Thank you to your Owner and Handler for sharing your amazing story with me.

Following is a little more information on the Arabian Breeders World Cup… The Arabian Breeders World Cup was held in Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel and Casino from April 15 to 18, 2010.  The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance or “AHBA” was the sponsor of the fourth annual Arabian Breeders World Cup.  The AHBA is a non-profit organization, whose goal is to promote the Arabian horse.

The Arabian Breeders World Cup strives to introduce people to the beauty and majesty of the Arabian horse.  The Arabian Breeders World Cup brings the finest purebred Arabian breeding horses to Las Vegas from around the world.
The Arabian Breeders World Cup is based on shows from Europe.  This show format allows the horses to be presented more naturally, further highlighting their inherit beauty and spirit. There were five International judges from the United Kingdom, the United States of America, South Africa, Morocco, and Brazil. Five International Judges score the horse on the following six areas; on a scoring system of ten to twenty points per area:  Arabian Type, Head and Neck, Shoulder, Body and Topline, Feet and Legs, and Movement.  The total possible number of points awarded to each horse was one hundred and twenty.  Horses were judged standing, walking, and trotting.

I would like to thank the Arabian Horse Breeders for bringing these beautiful horses to Las Vegas, and to the South Point for providing the venue.  I look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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