Once in a lifetime…

Once in a lifetime…


It is said that once in your lifetime you’ll have one good horse. Some will search for that one horse, and never have that chance encounter. Others may have met that horse, but, never realized it until it was too late. One Dressage Rider may have found her once in a lifetime horse…

I have met a horse that is vying to take his rider Susan Treabess on a quest for a place on the United States Olympic Para Equestrian Team. Susan and this special horse have their hearts set on competing at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Susan Treabess resides in California and has been training with World Champion Dressage Rider Steffen Peters since 2009. Susan was born without a left hand, and wears a prosthesis. Susan participates in a variety of sports, but has been riding since she was five. Susan has been riding in competitively in Dressage since she was sixteen and her riding career evolved to allow her to compete in International Para-Dressage in 2006. In 2008 Susan found herself selected to be included on a prestigious list, as a developing rider for the US Para Dressage Team. Susan is kept busy riding and training for the events that will showcase her and her equine partner to the world in 2012.

Susan’s equine partner, Fugitivo XII a Pure Spanish Horse, is equally talented. Terry Waechter who is the owner of this beautiful horse was able to provide me a little insight on this majestic stallion. I first met Fugitivo at the 2010 National Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse. Fugitivo was indeed magnificent, he stood in a class of his own, with an undeniable presence that was captivating. He was friendly and approachable and seemed to know he was a champion, and that he was waiting for his human partner to join him in the ring. That wouldn’t happen until the spring of 2011.

Fugitivo is a nine year old P.R.E. stallion who was imported from Spain as a two year old. From the moment his hooves touched American soil, Fugitivo was turning heads and winning Championships and awards. Fugitivo is also a proven breeding stallion having sired nine foals, and currently in Australia for breeding.

I wish Fugitivo and Susan great success as they train, show, and prepare for the Olympics. They are already Champions in their own right both in the Dressage Arena and outside of the arena, with nothing to prove to the world, and I am proud to have met Fugitivo. Perhaps one day I will have the chance to see Fugitivo and Susan together at a Dressage competition, and capture their special moment as partners.

Equestrian Moments ~ KJ Anthony ~

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