Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse 2010

Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse 2010


I was invited to attend the Celebration of the Pure Spanish Horse at the South Point, from September 1 to September 4, 2010.

The Spanish Horses are some of my favorite horses, and they have been a favorite of Kings throughout history.  Spanish Horses can excel any discipline from dressage to western pleasure.

Spanish Horses are strong boned, with a deep heart-girth, and round powerful haunches.  The most common coat color is grey, but horses can also by bay, black, or buckskin, coat colors can be variations of these colors.

My thanks to the President of the Pure Spanish Horse Foundation for inviting me to attend this wonderful event, and thank you to the South Point for providing the venue.

I was excited to see these beautiful horses and hope you can fall in love with the Spanish Horse.

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